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Meet Our Team

Becky - Office Manager

Becky loves the time she spends building relationships as the Office Manager in a way she did not know in her previous roles as an assistant, Ortho Technician and Clinical Supervisor. She has nearly “done it all” and her background and training within the office helps her relate to her staff and patients on many different levels. When asked why she loves her job, she says it is a mixture of her staff and the doctors. She loves that the staff has been together for a very long time and appreciates that the doctors care so much about their patients and the staff. She truly enjoys the friendships the practice has created within the staff and with the patients. Becky is married with three sons. As if three boys and a husband were not enough males in the house, they have an adorable Yorkie named Buddy whom she admits is her best friend. Outside the office she enjoys spending time with her family. Her boys are very involved in sporting activities. She says she loves to travel but doesn’t get enough of it because of the sporting activities!

Gail - Treatment Coordinator

Gail has been with Dr. Byrd since the beginning. She began her career as an Ortho Tech. She worked in both our labs and eventually transitioned into the role of Treatment Coordinator. She really has done it all! Her favorite part about her job is being one of the first staffers to welcome a new patient. She says it is very rewarding to understand the impact orthodontic treatment has on our patients and knowing she is making a difference. She loves seeing the extra confidence in our patients at the end of their treatment. Her dedication to patients’ oral care extends outside the office as she volunteers to educate children and teachers in local schools and daycare centers throughout the year. Gail has been married for 30 years to her “Pooh” and they have three adult sons---all with beautiful smiles thanks to Dr. Byrd. Do you like Gail’s beautiful smile? She got her smile at work, as well! Gail is very family oriented and much of her free time is spent with her family. She also loves to curl up with a good book and cook for her family. If you attend any of the services or activities at Cornerstone Baptist, you are very likely to see Gail and her family!

Melissa - Receptionist Check-In

Melissa’s big, friendly smile will immediately put you at ease when you enter our doors. Visitors to our office appreciate her outgoing, fun, and patient personality. Melissa has worked with Byrd Orthodontics for eight years and she fields incoming calls while checking in our patients. She says she loves to stay busy and everyone who knows her soon realizes she is full of energy. She says her favorite thing about her job is working with our patients and the rest of the staff. She loves animals and has two rescue cats, Wendell and Stache (named for his moustache!) Want to know a fun fact about Melissa? She loves to ride dirt bikes and she used to race them! She also loves to travel and says her dream vacation is to visit Alaska. She also enjoys the beach and mountains. If you are ever at Wintergreen during ski season, you just might spot this snow bunny on the slopes!

Carmary - Receptionist

Without a doubt, Carmary has one of the most beautiful and welcoming smiles in the building! Carmary is originally from Puerto Rico but has lived in Richmond since she was nine years old--more than 15 years. Her favorite part of working at our practice is the “team atmosphere” she says is so easy to recognize here. Carmary loves to travel and looks forward to her trips back to Puerto Rico to visit with family. Closer to home, she has the pleasure of seeing her real family at work each day because her mother, Carmen, is our Pediatric Clinical Coordinator! Carmary has many interests but her favorite is relaxing at home with her son.

Janay - Ortho Tech & Purchasing

Janay is a tremendous asset because she loves being “hands on” and interacting with her patients. She appreciates everything about dentistry and since starting here seven years ago, Janay has enjoyed being involved with all the new technologies as they have developed and become available. She loves putting up posts about orthodontics and pediatric dentistry for all our friends on social media. One of our youngest pediatric patients is Janay’s two-year old daughter and she will soon be adding another new patient with the birth of her second child near the end of summer. In her free time, this busy mom enjoys watching movies and relaxing at home with her family. She admits to a hidden talent for music. She is an accomplished clarinet, bass clarinet and bassoon player but is taking a break from music to be a mom. She is dreaming of her first trip to Disney as a family. She is a Richmond native but her favorite city is Miami.

Elba - Ortho Tech

Elba is a native of the Dominican Republic and has lived in the United States for more than 34 years. Ten of those years have been spent working with us. Without hesitation she will tell you her favorite part of the job is working for Dr. Byrd. She loves his humor and wit and the way he respects everyone and treats them fairly. She has two children and Dr. Byrd is responsible for her daughter’s beautiful smile. She says a new smile gives her patients more confidence and it is very rewarding to know she had a part in the process. Elba feels lucky to be a member of a wonderful team with fantastic co-workers. When she is able she loves to travel to different places---especially international destinations. Her favorite places to visit have been Hawaii and Brazil. The next time you are in the office ask Elba where she is headed on her next vacation.

Chea - Ortho Tech

Chea says she loves our Forest Hill team and seeing her patients happy. Chea is truly a compassionate and dedicated professional who always puts a smile on her patients’ faces. She has been with us since 2007 and says she loves all our doctors. She notices and appreciates a good smile before anything else when she meets someone new. She is married with two kids (both patients of Dr. Tim) and loves to travel—especially to Cambodia to visit her in-laws. (Interesting fact: It takes more than 26 hours and a minimum of three plane transfers to get to Cambodia). Her favorite family activity is tent camping and every summer her family vacations at Bugs Island. Her favorite thing to do there is search for clams. She loves to cook and cookout. She is known for her skill for creating new recipes.

Sitha - Ortho Tech

Sitha joined Dr. Richard Byrd & Associates five years ago and is truly thankful for having found a great team to work with every day. She says seeing the end result of treatment and helping patients understand the benefits of orthodontic treatment and good hygiene are her favorite parts of working at Forest Hill. She has lived in Richmond her entire life and loves to be around her family and friends. She also sports a beautiful, straight smile that she picked up at work! Rest assured, she wants her patients to achieve their most beautiful and healthy smiles. She has a daughter and a son who are both patients of Dr. Tim’s. Her favorite activity is singing karaoke at home with her family. This “quiet” staffer loves to sing Pop, R and B, and Rock music! Sitha is our newlywed having married on March 14, 2015.

Tanya - Ortho Tech

The first thing people notice about Tanya is her warm and welcoming smile that conveys the confidence she possesses after several years of hospital and more than five years of orthodontic experience. She loves her job and was grateful for the opportunity to return to the dental field when she joined our practice at the beginning of 2017. Tanya believes the best part of her job is seeing the transition in her patients as they are usually amazed at how quickly their teeth move. Tanya has a loving and supportive family and when she is not working, she likes to relax and spend time with her family and friends.

Thy - Ortho Tech

Thy also got her beautiful smile from Byrd Orthodontics when she joined our family more than seven years ago. You can find her in the second hygiene room and she is always ready to educate her patients on the finer points of orthodontic treatment. All of the study models for our new patients are created by Thy. When asked about her favorite part of working for Byrd Orthodontics, she said it is seeing the amazing difference between the beginning and end of treatment and recognizing the difference a smile can make in someone’s life. Thy earned an Associate’s Degree in Science from J. Sargent Reynolds community College. She has two boys and loves going to the movies and trying new restaurants with her family. She also loves to work out and stay fit. Her dream vacation always involves a warm tropical beach and her favorite place to visit has been the Bahamas.

Josefina - Pediatric Coordinator

Josefina’s friendly smile is contagious as she greets our patients and their families in her role as our Pedo (Pediatric) Coordinator. Josefina is the newest member of the Byrd family but she comes with several years of experience in the dental field. She says the best part of working here is definitely the kids. This single mom to three stays very busy outside of the office. All three of her children are involved in soccer and they keep her busy with all their soccer-related activities. Josefina loves to sing karaoke and loves to dance for exercise. She says both are great stress relievers! She loves to travel and it is her dream to visit Hawaii.

Devante - Pediatric Assistant

Devante is a Richmond native with years of experience as a Pediatric Assistant. Our young patients and parents recognize this about Devante: He loves working with children because he enjoys teaching children how to have the best oral hygiene and is interested in watching them grow into young adults. He says he loves the fun, family-friendly atmosphere in our office. In his free time Devante likes to hang out with Lucky, his Yorkie. He also likes hands-on activities such as working on cars and cooking. When he is not working, he can be found at outdoor events, riding motorcycles or trying out different restaurants in the area. Next time you see him, ask him to share his zip lining and hiking stories!

Gianna - Pediatric Assistant

It is easy for Gianna to talk about how much she loves her job! She is outgoing and enjoys educating and encouraging our patients to do an excellent job with their daily oral hygiene routine. She says she loves to give them “sparkling smiles” and as one of the cast members of our five-person performing group, she makes a lot of children smile! She is the mother to three beautiful girls and an amazing stepson. When she is not working she loves to travel and make new memories with her family. One of her favorite places to visit is her native Bayamon, Puerto Rico. Looking for an idea for dinner? Gianna is an excellent cook!

Kathy - Pediatric Assistant

When asked what she likes most about what she does, Kathy said she “loves everything about her job”! Kathy was born in Guatemala and traded her job as a stay at home mother to a beautiful son to tackle the challenges and satisfaction of working with children as part of our pediatric dental office. She gets much support from her husband and loves spending time with both her boys as well as her pet shih tzu. Kathy loves to travel, go to the beach and try new foods. She also sings in her church chorus which is probably part of the reason she plays The Tooth Fairy in our “We Swear To Tell The Tooth” performing group!

Jovana - Pediatric Assistant

Jovana loves her job and we love hearing that she believes her job has brought much joy into her life. She loves working with children and meeting new people. She says there is never a boring day when you work with pediatrics. Jovana and her high-school sweetheart are parents to their nine-year old son and a very well-behaved pit terrier. When she is not working, she enjoys going on outings with her family, running, bicycling, hiking and going to the gym. Jovana was born in California but has lived in Richmond since she was four years old. Jovana is a great addition to our pediatric staff!

Nicol - Pediatric Assistant

Nicol says she knew as a little girl she wanted to work in the dental field and during her previous position as a receptionist, she never lost hope of her dream. Coming from a close and loving family of three sisters, she enjoys interacting with our patients and their families. Nicol hopes to start a new family of her own within the next year as she is engaged and planning her wedding. When she is not working or planning her wedding, she enjoys fishing trips with her family in Yorktown. Nicol is a native of Costa Rica and loves soccer. In fact, she is a great soccer player!

Celina - Sterilization Lab Specialist

Celina has been with us for more than 10 years and her duties include helping with all instruments. Patients may not meet her but they see her work as she is in charge of all “seasonal decorations” at Forest Hill. The next time you admire any of our Thanksgiving, Easter, Valentine, summer, holiday or Spring decorations, you can think of Celina! In fact, her love of decorating is her hobby! Her favorite part of working here is the people. She cares for her patients and co-workers and enjoys being part of a dental team that is professional and attentive to the needs of others. Celina has two sons, one daughter, six grandsons and one granddaughter and loves to spend as much time as she can with her family.

Bradley - Sterilization

Bradley is newer to the Byrd family and loves seeing his patients happy about their smile and good oral hygiene. He gets excited when he has the opportunity each day to spread the word about how to keep teeth healthy and strong. While working at a local grocery store, he said the light bulb came on that led him to his dental career and he found and enrolled in a good dental assisting program. He soon began interning with our office once a week and after graduation he was welcomed full-time. Bradley is the youngest in his family of two older brothers and one sister. When he is not working, he enjoys watching football and spending time with his family. He also loves to sing. In fact, if you ever have the chance to see our “We Swear To Tell The Tooth” singers, you will see Bradley’s big smile as he sings along as “Mr. Toothpaste”!

Sylvia - Patient Accounts

Sylvia is another of our “Day One” staffers and she has many roles at Forest Hill. Sylvia first started as a part-time receptionist and has done a little bit of everything in her 17-plus years with Dr. Richard Byrd & Associates. She is in charge of patient accounts and supervises the physical operation of our nearly 13,000 square foot Forest Hill office! She has two adult children and one precious grandson. A fascinating fact about this special super mom is that she donated a kidney to her son in 1999. In her free time she enjoys traveling, sewing, knitting, crocheting and needlepoint. She also loves to cook and create new ways to make her family’s favorites. Her family loves her rum cakes and lemon chess pies. Sylvia even makes her own hot pockets!

Kimberly - Billing Supervisor

Kimberly works with insurances and oversees all payments for both the Forest Hill and Polo Parkway practices. Part of her job is confirming that all of our doctors are credentialed with all insurances we accept. She has been with us since 2003 and her favorite part of working here is her interaction with patients and staff. Kimberly considers the patients as family, because of the bond that she builds with them during treatment. She loves the rapport she is able to build during treatment and she truly loves her co-workers. She has one daughter and she is a patient of Dr. Tim’s. Kimberly is a “family oriented girl”, who loves to spend time with her family whenever she gets a chance. Her favorite fun activities outside of the office are bowling and shooting pool. A fun fact about Kimberly is that she is an accomplished musician that plays the saxophone, piano, and clarinet quite well! Every year she makes her annual trip to her favorite magical place, Orlando, to visit Disney World with her family.

Joni - Billing Specialist

Joni works with the insurance companies and completes the billing for our orthodontic and pediatric patients. She also works to determine patient benefits, make payment arrangements and relays financial responsibility. If you make a payment over the phone, you would speak with Joni. She has been working in the field for several years and with Dr. Byrd the last five. So, what keeps her going? “Working with patients, parents and our team on the orthodontic as well as the pediatric side of the practice!”. Our patients love her professional but down-to-earth personality. Joni is married with one daughter and has called Richmond home for more than 20 years. She loves having the mountains and beach nearby. Joni enjoys exercising and staying in shape. Her idea of a dream vacation is to hike the Grand Canyon!

L.C. - Facilities Manager for Forest Hill and Polo Parkway

Many patients may not see Robert but they do see all the work he does maintaining both offices. Robert retired from a career in the chemical industry and loves working for us because every day is interesting and every day is different. He enjoys helping others and watching our staff engage with our patients. Robert is married and has twin daughters. He has also trained a rescue cairn terrier named “Farley”. When he is not working, he enjoys most all outdoor activities including walking, hiking, hunting and fishing. He is also a big college football and basketball fan.

Janice - Admin Specialist

Janice brings her vast experience in technology and marketing to help us in many aspects of the practice. In fact, when asked what she likes most about her job, she said she loves her job because she does so many different tasks. Work is never boring for Janice! She is a Richmond native and a grandmother with two adult children. She loves dogs—especially her own, Max. When she is not working she enjoys cooking, baking and cross stitch. She loves to surprise her co-workers with some of her culinary creations—especially her famous peanut butter fudge!

Rick - Business Development Manager

When we decided to bring a Professional Support Specialist onboard, it became immediately evident that Rick would be perfect for the job. His Professional demeanor and fun personality ensures that all offices look forward to his visits! Rick loves his job, as it gives him the opportunity to interact with many great people on a daily basis. He is retired from the U.S. Navy, having served for 22 years. He then became a courier contractor in the Richmond area for 15 years. Rick was born in Ticonderoga, NY and grew up in Hudson Falls, NY, a small town on the Hudson River. He loves spending time with his 7 children and 12 grand-children! Having an excellent command of the English language, he enjoys writing and editing all forms of written media. The next time you’re out for a Sunday afternoon drive and a Harley Davidson pulls up or goes by, look closely, it might be Rick!

April - Community Relations Manager

April is the newest member of the Polo team and is from a small town in West Virginia. She moved to Virginia in 1994 when her husband, Rodney, was transferred here with UPS. She enjoys Virginia’s proximity to the beach and mountains. She has known Dr. Byrd for several years through her previous position with Crest+Oral B and when he offered her a chance to join the Byrd family, even the long commute from her home in Williamsburg would not stop her. She knows the importance of good hygiene and enjoys educating our patients on its benefits during treatment and for a lifetime. She also acts as a liaison between our practice and our many referring dental professionals, communicating the benefits of our latest advances and treatment protocols. Rodney was April’s high-school sweetheart and they married soon after their college graduations. They have two children and three Yorkie grand dogs, Tiger Lilly, Clover and Dexter. April loves to spend time with all of them. She enjoys traveling and hopes to see the entire world before she turns 90. (She better hurry!) It is not a surprise that her favorite hobby is scrapbooking her family and her travels!

Kathy - Controller

Kathy is “behind the scenes” and many of our patients never have the opportunity to see her. Kathy has a Bachelor of Accounting degree from North Carolina State (Go Wolf Pack!) and has worked in the capacity of a controller or an accounting role for more than 20 years. She says her favorite part about her job is the team atmosphere at both locations. She enjoys working with people and is always the first to volunteer to assist anyone who needs help. She is married to a retired Navy Senior Chief and together they are parents to seven children and grandparents to 12! When she is not working she loves to spend time with her family and her Welsh Pembroke Corgi, Ein. Want to know a secret about Kathy? She loves to sing and her favorite song is Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless The USA”! If you ever have the pleasure to meet with her, ask her to sing a few bars!

Reid - General Manager of Operations

Reid, Operations Manager

Reid is responsible for the day to day operations at our Forest Hill and Polo Parkway locations. Before coming to work with Dr. Richard Byrd and Associates, Reid had been involved in health care for more than 15 years as Director at a long-term care nursing home and skilled rehabilitation facility. He also brought his experience as Practice Manager in a large orthodontic practice. Reid enjoys interaction with patients and their families and has a heart for our dedicated staff. He says it is rewarding to strive each day for excellence in the care we provide. Reid is married to his college sweetheart and has three great kids who are off on their own and doing well. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with family, church activities, reading, music and helping time races for local causes that are making a big difference in our community. He believes it is a blessing to be a part of such a caring practice.


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