You’re never too old for orthodonics

When you hear about braces or orthodontic treatment, an image of a teenager may come to mind. Thirty years ago, an adult in braces was rare, but now it is the fastest growing segment in most orthodontic practices.  At any given time in the US, 20-25% of orthodontic patients in the US are adults! As we get older, we begin to recognize the ways oral health is related to our overall general health. If you are self-conscious about your smile or how your teeth function, now is a great time to improve your oral health. Today’s adults want to get the smile they’ve always wanted, and there are many options available from clear, gold, or silver braces, to nearly invisible clear aligners. There is more than one way to straighten teeth, but only an orthodontist has the specialized knowledge to identify and plan for all the variables in your mouth. Don’t be put off by any stereotypes. A lot of adults choose braces.

While we all want to feel better about our smile, orthodontics is not only about straightening teeth. Functionality is very important. Today, people keep their teeth longer than they did even a generation ago. Orthodontic treatment creates a better bite, makes teeth fit better and decreases the risk of future dental problems. Teeth and jaws that are properly aligned are easier to keep clean through brushing and flossing. If you are missing teeth, depending on what is missing, our orthodontists may choose to move neighboring teeth together to close the space where the tooth is missing or hold open a space for a bridge or implant. Teeth with crowns can also be moved.

It is never too late to get your smile straight! Orthodontic treatment can result in greater self-esteem and self-confidence, which can have a positive effect on your social and professional lives. With good care and orthodontic treatment, teeth can last a lifetime.


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