Protect your smile investment

Finally, your treatment is complete, and your smile is beautiful! It’s tempting to think your orthodontic journey has ended BUT it isn’t quite complete. The responsibility for keeping teeth where your orthodontist moved them rests with you! To keep your smile looking its best, our orthodontist will prescribe a retainer you’ll need to wear to preserve, control or limit potential changes in tooth position. This retainer, as well as scheduled appointments to monitor any movement for the first 12 months after treatment ends, are included in the cost of your treatment. Wearing retainers as prescribed and returning for the monitoring appointments are the keys to maintaining the success of your orthodontic treatment. You’ve invested both time and money, and like any investment, you will want to protect it. Our latest technology allows us to use our 3D printer to give each patient an impression of their teeth at the end of treatment. Patients will present these to us to receive a discounted replacement rate should their retainer be lost or damaged. It is critical to contact us if the retainer is lost or damaged because teeth will quickly begin to shift and move.

Just as there is more than one type of orthodontic treatment, there are different types of retainers. Our orthodontist will prescribe the type of retainer that will work best for you.


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